The New New Product Develoment Game

The New New Product Development Game Takeuchi & Nonaka by is one of the most important papers on product development. Reading the paper led Jeff Sutherland to develop the Scrum Framework. It’s important for software engineering but can also be applied in a variety of settings from journalism to combat. I use it to manage my weekly work.

Key concepts of the Holistic Methodology of Product Development:

1. Built In Instability – “Setting a broad goal or general strategic direction.”

2. Self Organizing Project Teams – “Autonomy, Transcendence, Cross-Fertilization”

3. Overlapping Development Phases

4. Multi-learning – Across levels & Across Functions

5. Subtle Control – (1) Selecting right people, (2) Creating open work environment, (3) encouraging interactions with customers, (4) setting evaluations and rewards based on group performance, (5) Managing rhythm, (6) Tolerating & anticipating mistakes, & (7) Encouraging suppliers to become self-organizing.

6. Organizational Transfer of Learning

Read the paper here